Year Two: The Vallarelli Family

Last year when I visited with the Vallarelli family, it was a crummy, cold December afternoon and we were stuck indoors.  Luckily these guys know how to be in front of the camera and two year old Mia now graces my home page.  A year later, Mia is three and baby sister Grace is walking, intent on keeping up with her big sister.  We had to reschedule their October session after we were washed out but our rain date stayed dry and warm enough to be outside in their back yard.

After last year's light pink tutu I was very excited to see what the girls would be in this year - they didn't disappoint with Mia in a navy blue, sparkly tutu and bright pint Uggs and Grace in a matching color scheme and Mary Jane's on her feet. None of this stopped the girls from jumping in the freshly raked leaves and having a ball in the process.  Just too cute!  

After more than a year and a half of training, Melissa recently launched a Co-active Coaching business so we spent the first part of their session taking some head shots - I'll let her share those on her work-in-progress website!  Having spent some time with Melissa and hearing how passionate and excited she is, I'm positive she's going to have a whole lot of success with this new venture.

Vallarrelli family, it was such a pleasure seeing you all again, many thanks for having me!