On The Road Again: Venice

I travel quite a bit for work but often don't make the time to take advantage of being in Europe and seeing places other than Switzerland. Meghann and I took a Pacific northwest road trip last spring (which you may remember) and I think that's about when we hatched the plan to meet up in Europe in December.  

I flew into Venice on a Wednesday and Meghann, her husband Josh, her brother Jacob and girlfriend Jade met me for a whirlwind five day trip.  We spent two nights in Venice, one in Florence and then drove through the Italian and Austrian Alps for two nights in Munich. Our travel priorities line up well - food was definitely #1 and we had some amazing meals, snacks and beverages in all three cities (and did a ton of walking to counteract said eating).  

From Christmas markets and Gl├╝hwein in Munich to navigating the tiny streets of Florence in a minivan, authentic espresso drinking Venice and experiencing the chaos of an Italian highway rest area, it was such a fun trip.  Unfortunately for a number of reasons my camera only made it out for our time in Venice, and I am, of course, kicking myself now.  Will just have to make a return trip someday!