Year Three: The Myers Family

My how things have changed in 2015!  A year ago I met up with Brad and Christie and Greyson and things were pretty simple - Greyson was 16 months, enjoying life as an only child.  This year he had a brand new baby sister, Leighton, to share the spotlight with and while he certainly loves his sister, he was excited to show his independence as well!

We were originally going to meet up Thanksgiving weekend but had to reschedule after a tumble, a trip to Children's Hospital and some stitches for Greyson that weekend.  Luckily we're having a crazy warm fall and we had a 60 degree December Sunday at Castle Island to work with instead. Greyson showed no signs of slowing down, making us work for it (a Dum Dum lollipop helped a little) but I was happy to oblige.  Baby Leighton on the other hand, born in August, was calm and quiet, happy to let her brother own the stage. December sunsets are early but they sure don't disappoint with that golden hour light.

Myers family, so much fun to see you all as always!