Married: Gisela & Fredrik 04.04.15

These two!  They are some serious happy.

Gisela and Fredrik have known each other for years but only became a couple in April of 2013 in the days after the marathon bombing when he was visiting Boston from his home in Stockholm. Fredrik was sleeping on Gisela's Beacon Hill couch at night and she showed him her adopted city during the day (she runs guided city walking tours in her down time), eerily quiet as the community began the recovery period. They credit those days as the catalyst to what has become a truly special love story.  

Almost exactly two years into their relationship, Gisela and Fredrik were married at the William Hickling Prescott House on the first Saturday in 10 weeks that didn't feature snow (true story!). The Prescott House is a museum by day, located at 55 Beacon Street, a door along a row of homes I never thought I'd enter.  The property is beautiful with historically preserved rooms and massive windows overlooking the Common.  Such a wonderful place for a deeply personal and intimate wedding!

Married by a close friend, surrounded by Fredrik's two children and their friends and family (many of whom flew in from Sweden as both the bride and groom hail from there), there were tears, laughs and a whole lot of happy.  We trekked up Beacon Hill and took some group shots in a swirling wind outside of the State House to round out the day.  Given how rough the winter had been, we were all thrilled to feel the warm sun even though it was only early April!

Gisela & Fredrik, you truly had a wedding that everyone should envy.  Simple and filled with happiness, it was impossible not to get swept up in the fun!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it!