Meet: The Moriarty Family

When Katie and Dave had a late cancellation for their wedding three years ago, I got the last minute invite (guest #199 if I remember correctly).  Never one to turn down what I know will be an excellent party (two Union alum marrying is a no brainer), I jumped at the opportunity to make it off the B-list and see these two get hitched!  Three years, a move from Boston to western Long Island and a baby later, it was time to document their budding family.  After we finished the shoot they were off to Greenport to see the tall ships in the seaside town in which they got engaged.  Full circle I'd say!

I'd been excited to shoot these guys since Katie first mentioned it when she was still pregnant. Well over a year later, we managed to squeeze in a 4th of July weekend shoot at my family's house in eastern Long Island.  Jack is seriously one of the happiest 10 month olds I've ever been around.  After a quick meltdown post face-plant in the driveway, he couldn't stop belly laughing and loving the sand and bay water.  Between the bow tie and the unstoppable giggle, I was set up for success.

Katie and Dave, thank you so much for trekking out to the East End to hang out with me!  So nice to you see you guys and to meet Jack!