Meet: The Amico Family

Sarah, Angelo, Ava and Baby Angelo (the IV!) invited me over to their home to hang out before Ava's third birthday party.  Within two minutes of walking into their home, Ava asked if I wanted to see her new train set, a birthday gift bestowed on her that same morning. Needless to say, the present was a hit!

Baby Angelo is brand spanking new, only eight weeks old and coming around the corner of the sleepless nights.  By the time we were finished with the session he was out cold, resting up for the afternoon party.  A balmy October morning, we spent some time outside on the freshly cut grass before heading back in to play with the trains.  Ava is affectionately described by her parents as "strong-willed" while Angelo is pretty chill, not much more than a few quick whimpers while I was there.

Amico family, thanks so much for squeezing me into your weekend, enjoy some of my faves!