Meet: The Fleck Family

The night before I met up with Laura and her family, she called to say that her brother, Steve, had discovered six baby possums that had lost their mother in an unfortunate fall from a tree, could we push our session to a bit later in the morning so he could bring them to the Tufts veterinary clinic?  Orphaned baby possums?!  Well that was a first.

Once the joeys were taken care of (thanks, wikipedia), we met up at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center, the site of various WWII bunkers and an absolutely stunning view of both the north shore and the Boston skyline.  Laura and Peter both attended NEU for grad school and spent many days on this tip of Nahant.  We walked the grounds while they reminisced and pointed out all of the pieces of history and how much has changed since their days at the remote campus.  

Laura’s aforementioned brother, his wife Katie and daughter, two year old Nora, accompanied us along with their mom, Robin.  Nora wasn’t thrilled to smile but she also kept her cool very well for a toddler, never melting down, just wanting to do her own thing.  These guys were adventurous, climbing all over the rocks to get the shot, never mind appropriate footwear!

Laura & Co. thanks so much for bringing me such a gorgeous little spit of land and showing me around the place, I had such a wonderful time with you all!