On the Road Again: Tokyo

When given the opportunity to crash a couple's vacation in Toyko, why would you not?

Less than a year after Meghann, Josh and I were road tripping from Venice to Florence to Munich, we landed in Tokyo for a late October visit.  I zipped over on the fa-bo-lo-us JAL non-stop Boston-Narita flight in a quick 13 hours for an also quick but glorious 5 days of walking, eating and seeing. Tokyo is massive but with a crazy efficient metro system, you can get around the city quickly and on the cheap - we even managed a hike in an attempt to see Mount Fuji (a beautiful day but a cloud covered fail) without getting in a car.  We loved how every neighborhood was incredibly unique, having it's own distinct personality - from quiet and traditional to upscale and trendy, there's something for everyone.  

And as has become routine, some iPhone photos to round things out.  Below you'll see lots of noodles and exquisite Michelin star sushi, Japanese anime, our visit to one of the famous (infamous?) Japanese cat cafes (as you do), and fried pork among other things.  Many of these photo credits go to Meghann and Josh!