Meet: The Van Keuren Family

Parenthood doesn't always come easily but it's always worth the wait. Baby Henry is living proof of that, the product of lots of hopes, dreams, hormone injections, disappointment, sadness and most importantly, love and joy. Three years down that path, Henry Robert joined the world to the proudest of parents, Meghan and Marc.

First off, I cannot believe this was almost exactly five years ago. My how things have changed. Henry is a pretty chill baby, at 4.5 months getting closer and closer to sitting on his own and smiling on demand (though no smiles for me on this day!). We had a seasonably borderline hot and humid day last weekend at Lynch Park in Beverly, Henry keeping his cool until the very end of our session. 

M+M+H, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you all together as a family of three! I know the road was long but the reward is oh so sweet. Parenthood looks good on you both! Can't wait to watch Henry grow up. Much love to you all xoxo