Year Two: The Doctoroff-Heinold Family

You probably don't remember at this point but the day after Thanksgiving last year was a stunner, seasonally warm with beautiful blue skies. I met Jess, Kevin and Sam at Wingaersheek in Gloucester, MA for a little family shoot on the beach. Wingaersheek is a favorite, Jess's family spending many of their weekends up there, no matter the season. Her family is incredibly generous with their large driveway, extending the invite to park and access the residents-only section of the beach to anyone and everyone; I am lucky to say I've taken advantage many many times!

Sam only had eyes for the tidal pools, making a beeline for them every time he got the chance. Luckily it was a warm day and not an immediate meltdown when he realized he was soaking wet with frigid North Shore ocean water. In fact, just the opposite! He couldn't get enough. Late November is a great time to be on the beach - there were only a handful of other people out so we got the majority of the beach to ourselves.

No idea why it took me 9+ months to get these blogged but better late than never! A subtle reminder that colder days are coming so enjoy those warm beach days while we have them!